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A pioneering Wendy’s franchisee, Carlisle’s subsidiary Wendelta operates over 160 Wendy’s restaurants in the Southeastern United States stretching from Texas to Florida and Louisiana to Tennessee. As an award winning company, Wendelta relies on Wendy’s Founder Dave Thomas’s five core values – Quality Matters, Treat Everyone with Respect, Do the Right Thing, Profit is not a Dirty Word and Give Back – to be operationally excellent.

Brian McDaniel

Chief Operating Officer


2021 Golden Shovel Development Award
2019 Wendy Award: Operational Excellence: Brian McDaniel
2019 Monument Award: Brand Transformation: Chance Carlisle
2013 Wendy Award: Operational Excellence: Chance Carlisle
2006 Dave Thomas Hall of Fame Award: Gene Carlisle
2004 Founder’s Award: Gene Carlisle
2001 Wendy Award: Operational Excellence: Gene Carlisle
2001 Diamond Award: Sales Building Initiative